• AIVI Global Audiovisual Solutions are engineered to inspire. Customized for any environment, AIVI Global utilizes advanced audio and video components and cutting-edge technologies to create solutions that enhance delivery and bring your digital media to life. Our solutions include advanced audiovisual components such as high-resolution LED/LCD displays, large scale video walls, and high-definition projectors that present images and video with stunning clarity. Our audio technologies provide crisp sound reproduction at all volume levels, in a variety of environments. We can help you create the surround sound experience you have always wanted to comfortably watch movies or sporting events at home. So whether you are looking for audiovisual innovation/audiovisual installation or something simple like a TV mount and home theater seating, the AIVI audio visual technicians help with every piece of your home theater setup.

    AIVI Global enables business leaders, educators, and individuals to connect and collaborate using the most advanced technologies available today. Now that enhancements in product development and network infrastructure have made video-conferencing more reliable and more affordable, our certified integration teams can install customized conference room design solutions in nearly any environment. From corporate board rooms to remote personal devices, AIVI Global’s installations provide a reliable, connected work environment that improves both the form and function of meeting and collaborating in your home theater or your office conference room. We’re proud to offer state-of-the-art av equipment from leading manufacturers such as Sonos, Klipsch and Samsung.

  • Imagine walking or driving up to your home and the garage or front door open for you, you come into the house and the temperature is just right, the lights are on and you don’t need to fumble in the dark. Imagine having lower heating and electric bills, imagine controlling everything in your home from smart light bulbs, smart locks, smart plugs, smart thermostats, smart blinds, all by the sound of your voice, imagine being a genius in your home by being able to control what happens while being home or anywhere else in the world. Well no need to continue to imagine, give AIVI a call to make it a reality today.

    AIVI specializes in smart home solutions, smart home design, smart building and home automation, apple home automation, and business automation systems. So whether you want smart home ideas, home intercom, or are looking to set up your smart home automation with voice command, we can help with all of your Smart home needs.

  • Complementing our innovative design expertise, AIVI Global’s experienced installation and integration teams deliver you a quality security solution efficiently. We rely on our in-house, industry-certified, and manufacturer-trained engineers and technical personnel that are specialized in field installation, software development, programming, and training. Through our standards-based deployment methodology, our systems integrator teams execute the most technologically sophisticated, easy to use, reliable, and innovative systems available today.

    Our project managers have decades of experience working across multiple technology and industry sectors. They guide your smart home integration or business automation systems integration installation seamlessly through the project lifecycle, with technical proficiency and field experience that ensures agility during the process. AIVI Global project managers communicate effectively with all project stakeholders, providing status reports and updates, to ensure we deliver a quality solution as designed, on time, and with the highest level of customer satisfaction.

  • Staffed with a highly trained team of industry certified engineers, the AIVI Global Service Desk works to quickly resolve service incidents associated with your systems.  As an provider AIVI can handle all your smart home systems repair. We can provide maintenance and repair on everything from week Wi-Fi signals to subwoofers, video doorbells, maglocks, security camera wire, etc.. so cancel the geek squad and let us handle your electronic repair.  AIVI Global Customers who are under a Maintenance Agreement are provided quick support and troubleshooting as their systems details are at the fingertips of the Help Service Desk, right down to the as-built engineering documentation, system source code, and configuration files.  Our customer service and security camera experts begin to troubleshoot immediately over the phone and utilize secure remote access for real time diagnostics, enabling the AIVI Global Help Service Desk to work through multi-vendor troubles with speed and efficiency. If on-site resolution becomes a necessity, you are covered.  AIVI Global Maintenance customers benefit from priority 24-hour scheduling of on-site service calls from skilled technicians, while the Service Desk Engineering Team stays engaged through incident resolution. We handle all the details.

  • AIVI Global performs on-site Preventive Maintenance for your systems to ensure consistent reliability over time. The AIVI Global Preventive Maintenance Checklist provides our field engineers with specific points to review to ensure we provide a comprehensive assessment of your system’s health. We perform adjustments to keep your system optimized and provide an electronic copy of your report. AIVI Global also provides an analysis of the service history including incident reports, resolutions, and strategies to continually improve your environment.

    AIVI Global Maintenance gives you peace of mind extending the life of your system for years to come. Many people are unaware that security cameras need maintenance and repair whether they are 360 surveillance cameras or intrusion detection and prevention systems AIVI has you covered. AIVI Global’s Maintenance Programs ensure solution reliability after installation to keep your systems up and running. Fast, efficient, and certified support personnel work to ensure stable, dependable environments which allow your entire organization to benefit from AIVI Global’s experience and systems integration expertise.

    AIVI can help with monthly home alarm monitoring or business alarm monitoring whether it’s a system that we install or you need alarm monitoring of an existing system give us a call for pricing today.  We can provide options for you from monthly, quarterly, or yearly alarm monitoring services to local alarm monitoring on your phone.

  • AIVI Global stays at the forefront of technology and business trends, garnering a reputation for industry leading systems integration knowledge and trust. Using in-house, industry-certified, and manufacturer-trained design engineers, we work directly with clients and their consultants through the design phase. With early engagement and effective communication, AIVI Global engineers listen and provide a unique industry perspective, to ensure your requirements are clearly identified, documented, and addressed very early in the design process. This approach can shorten the project life cycle, lower costs, and ensure high customer satisfaction. Our process driven approach results in value engineered designs that use the latest technologies and deliver highly reliable solutions that meet our clients’ budget and business objectives.
    AIVI has partnered with Identiv to provide an easily integratable network access control system that will work with most POE security camera systems. Our door access control Systems are FICAM approved and can be easily upgraded from any HID access control security system. AIVI uses the latest electronic engineering technology to provide the best automated business solution to help make you life easier and save money. Whether you are looking for CCTV installation, access control, 4K security cameras or electronics and communication engineering AIVI has got you covered.

Extraordinary projects deserve extraordinary work...


Package 1:
Smart Home Basic
Starting at $1,050

4 Smart Lights, 1 Smart lock, 1 Smart Thermostat or Video Doorbell, 1 Google Nest Hub or Amazon Echo Show

This is based on current home wiring configurations and does not include additional wiring. This includes 4 hrs of service.
Package 2:
Smart Home w/Automation
Starting at $2,400

Everything in the Basic Package 1, 1 Automation Panel, 1 Garage door sensor, 1 indoor/outdoor WiFi Camera, 2 Window/Door Sensors

This is based on current home wiring configurations and does not include additional wiring. This includes 4 hrs of service.
Package 3:
Home Theater
Starting at $1,180

1 TV Mount, 1 Game Console Mount, 1 Conceal Wire, 1 Audio Visual Shelf

TV installed on drywall, only 2 hours of labor, Concealed wire for 1 TV, TV size of 55″ – 84″.

Package 4:
Starting at $2,500

1 Video Doorbell, 4 Smart Lights, 4 indoor/outdoor WiFi Camera, 4 Window/Door Sensors

Wireless Cameras are not being installed more than 25ft high, installation on a single residence, can be combined with Security monitoring and/or storage for an additional charge.
Package 5:
Starting at $1,420

1 Automation Panel, 1 Emergency Call Button, 1 Indoor Wellness Camera, 1 Bed or Chair Sensor

Installation at a single residence, can be combined with Security monitoring and/or storage for an additional charge.

Package 6:
Home Theater System
Starting at $2,250

Klipsch Reference Wireless 3.1 Home Theater System (One pair of RW-51M, (1) RW-34C, (1) RW-100SW, and an Axiim LINK Wireless Home Theater Transmitter)

Based on standard configurations, only 2 hours of labor.

AIVI is concerned about your safety. We wear masks to every job site. We use gloves and shoe covers when appropriate or feasible. We wipe or spray down touched surfaces upon project completion. For an additional fee, We offer a disinfecting clean for the room(s) in your home that we have performed your Project.